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Services offered by First Coast Recycling

First Coast Recycling offers multiple service levels to fit your recycling needs. Whether you’re a lite recycler or a small business, we have a plan designed with you in mind. Most residential customers start out with the Eco Bag to get a feel for how much they recycle on a weekly basis. If the Eco Bag is not enough, go ahead and upgrade to the 14 gallon Recycling Bin. You can upgrade and downgrade your service level at any time! First Coast Recycling also offer seasonal rates for customers who are in St Augustine on vacation and are used to recycling at home. Not sure what service level is for you? Just give us a call at (904) 540-0514 and answer a few simple questions so we can get you started with the right service level.

Eco Bag

Environmentally friendly recycling bag

Perfect for those who live in apartments and condos! This bag is the perfect size for lite recyclers who do not have a garage, or space outside for a bin. Fold-able design allows for easy storage when not in use. Environmentally friendly fabric is used to make these bags so they can be recycled.

  • Fold-able
  • Durable
  • Biodegradable

Recycling Bin

Environmentally friendly recycling bag

Need to recycle more than the Eco Bag can handle? We’ve got you covered with our 14 gallon Recycling Bin. This bin is the perfect for recyclers who like to keep their container outside or in the garage. Made of durable polyethylene plastic, it stands up to rough use and will last for years.

  • Polyethylene construction
  • 14 gallon capacity
  • Built-in handles

Recycling Cart

Environmentally friendly recycling bag

Our 50 gallon Recycling Cart with Lid is designed for commercial use and is for any heavy residential recycler, or small businesses. Heavy-duty, 8 inch wheels afford easy mobility, even over steps or curbing. Transports recyclable waste with ease and efficiency!

  • 50 gallon capacity
  • Durable polyethylene
  • 8 inch wheels


  • Ego Bag for lite recyclers


  • Recycling Bin for larger ammounts


  • Small Businesses, Heavy Residential